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Wink Finally played my first game!!!

I just wanted to say WOW finally got to play my first game after 9 months of waiting. I wont go into why it took so long but before my first game I posted and built this

My own Custom TM Hi Capa with the intention of going all out pistol!!! (Ty guys for all your help in the build epically MultipleParadox and Drakker)

BUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! BEATS PAINTBALL HANDS DOWN!!! even when I got shot or got hit I was laughing and excited (maybe I am weird). Note I did get people together to do a private session vs just going out there for the first time but non the less AMAZING GAME!!

NOW I KNOW what all the BUZZ IS ABOUT!!!

On a side note - in the 9 months I upgraded my pistol further to the point where it is now 99.9% aftermarket parts and has the colours of iron man AND THIS THING SHOOTS LIKE A LAZER!!!! (chrono at 325-330 fps with .20bb but I used .28bb) MultipleParadox was right about consistency! (frigin guy) Only part that is not aftermarket is the DUMB rocket valve that SNAPPED so now I have the Stock TM one in it.

AMAZING Game .... I am going to do next level custom from china and building my next pistol. only debate is do I want to go Dulies or try to pull off CQB sniper and a pistol and sell my old stock TM and my Iron man pistol then I get my new one in the new year.


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