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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Well if you cleaned your barrel after every game like you're supposed to, you wouldn't need to chemically dissolve BB residue left in the barrel lol
psssh.. I'm lazy. :P

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Are you shooting corrosive bbs or something ? I only clean airsoft barrels when something breaks and I have to open the thing to replace the part or when AEG gets soaked in water, covered in mud etc. I still have an RPK I built more than 10 years ago. Barrel in that thing saw many thousands of bbs and probably 2-3 pull through's with a patch and a bit of silicon oil.

Different BB compounds react differently, they're not all the same. The bbs I use seem to leave some residue. hop up is putting enough spin on the BBs to burn skin sometimes, I have had bb shaped burns after being hit, they aren't bruises, they blister up like friction burns. I'm guessing the compound in the bbs don't like the heat so much from high revolutions and leave some plastic behind or it's mold release agent to get the bb to pop out of the spherical molds they're made in coming off. It's wasn't super hard to buff out of the barrel but a wipe with the rod wasn't enough to remove it after games without some elbow grease or heat. The brake cleaner got it off instantly, spray and wipe and it came off in the next swab.
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