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Originally Posted by Sputmilk View Post
Same as in my thread. When you call they tell you to sit tight for 4 to 6 weeks while an officer determines if it will be allowed into canada. You only have to worry about doing something when you get the second letter.

Letter of Seizure is normal, if everything is in order 2-3 weeks.

If they have something to suspect ( Or anything that confuses them). 2-3 Months for someone higher up to clear. They actually have a inspection department with BBs, batteries, green gas and chronographs.

You should contact them as per the letter, you'll probably get the answering machine. Just keep trying say 2-3 times a week, calling more means they'll blacklist your number and never pick up.

chances are they know it's a airsoft gun. Be Courteous ask them if there is anything they need from you.

A little Typo on the letter caused my rifle to be sent for inspection took 2 months to clear.

I had a friend that took 8 months.

Another one got lost in the mail between Customs and Canada post, both sides blamed each other.

If you think this is unusual take into account that big corporations have teams of customs brokers at CBSA office every day demanding updates.

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