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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
this is why we try to deal locally even if we need to get special orders.
when you reply to them include detailed information on the modle of the gun including links and copies of web pages of either the retailer or the manufacturer or both that state the fps of the gun.
what is the item in question? if its something way out there and rare it could be just they are unfamiliar with the specific item.
things i can think of.
if the website says 350-400fps then the gun "could" shoot below 366
if the gun has an included "barrel extension" (read supressor) that may be an issue.
if its a tm of any kind itll likely still be on the ban list thing so even if you had it pre upgraded with documentation it could be an issue. (though i see alot of tm retail so who knows the current method of import for those
anyhow it does happen but knowing the item may lend a clue as to why its held up.
yes true. I only got into building custom guns maybe 2 months ago, and was new to the whole retailing thing. but lesson learned, next time I'll look at local retailers in Canada.

my gun is VFC MP5K. the full authentic markings might be one of things that customs is unsure about. as for the FPS, I contacted the overseas retailer to let them know to increase the FPS, so it is around 400 instead. shouldn't be too much of a drop to have it shoot below 366.

Originally Posted by Sputmilk View Post
Same as in my thread. When you call they tell you to sit tight for 4 to 6 weeks while an officer determines if it will be allowed into canada. You only have to worry about doing something when you get the second letter.
in part A, it says "you are required to contact the following address concerning the requirements that have to be met". from this I'd say I have to take action to call them.
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