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Originally Posted by Sputmilk View Post
Thanks for the link, helpful read. Welp, looks like I'll have to arrange a refund of some kind or eat the cost.

I am in between knowing I am a true idiot and hating the CBSA for not considering that it's a toy. Fuck me. I need cheaper hobbies.

Edit: I contacted airsoft global and they'll refund the cost of the item if I have to send it back. What do you all think it's gonna cost? I think they're based in Taiwan so I know it won't be cheap.
what's up bro? I also ordered something from AG and it's being processed by customs. I haven't received any letters but I assume it's gonna come soon. btw what I ordered was a VFC MP5K modified from the original specs to meet Canadian fps regs. any updates on your item?

worst case scenario I'll probs just absorb the shipping cost and have it sent back to AG for a refund.
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