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Originally Posted by Tankdude
Since this popped up: Say a certain person tries to scam you, but doesn't. Does the fact that they tried count as a bad deal?
I'd say not, but like WiseOwl said, I'm flexible and it'll take a real screw up on the others person's behalf to make me give negative rating. I'm not out to get anyone, I realize life and schedules gets in the way of sending stuff out, but a simple PM or e-mail for communication helps a LOT in my eyes. I feel that good and constant communication when needed really helps make each deal a good one, ever if things get in the way at times. Nobody is perfect, shouldn't be treated/expected as such, and airsoft is a hobby, nothing more. People try to do what they can for each other in this "sport", and overall everyone is damn good with each other. Just a few rotten apples remind us that not everyone deals the same.
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