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I find it kind of incredible how many items some of you have owned. I'm trying to kit out my kids and myself to play together (since this is the first activity where they can shoot each other but don't actually end up wanting to shoot each other... go figure...).

First... last year or the year before... ICS GSG 522PK. Picked it up at the Pacific Mall... going to send it to Z Custom in December to see what he can do with it.

Second... Well (knock-off Well? MB03D) VSR-10 compatible bolt action sniper. Picked it up from Toronto Airsoft. Will try and upgrade it slowly...
Second + (got it at the same time as the sniper) WE G17 (3rd gen)

And last AND least... KWA PTS RM4 ERG Scout (now with a cracked lower receiver after 3 games and no way of fixing it short of bringing it into the US and getting it repaired there since I've heard from here and other places that you can't ship lower receivers into Canada).

Soon to be last... because it is ordered but not yet delivered - RWA Night Hawk Covert Ops.

Now I need to find a couple new AEG for me and my oldest kid to play. Z has recommended VFC so I'm checking to see if I can get parts for them in Canada... if I can, then I will be going that route. If I can't, then who knows - there has to be some airsoft mfg with a Canadian parts distribution setup.
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