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Buy & Sell Rating Etiquette

So, what's yours? I see threads regarding deals gone bad and such, and in my couple years buying airsoft stuff from here, have done roughly 40 deals and all went well, but some are less than satisfactory.

Anyways, obviously Positive rating is the most common, but at what point do you, fellow airsofter, leave a rating? In my mind it should be, when the buyer gives the money, right away the seller should give a B+ simply because the buyer's end of the deal is done. When the buyer recieves the item(s), he should give the seller an S+ (ya, basing old system, but when you have two choices in your role, buyer or seller, and positive/neutral/negative, it's all the same crap anyways).

When I personally sell an item, as soon as I can after money is received I leave a positive rating, yet no one leaves ME a rating until I give them one first, regardless of my being the buyer or the seller. Kinda annoying actually. Hell, there was one guy who sold me a $12CDN part, told me to EMT him $20, $8 for shipping, then he sent the item in an envelope with two $0.50 stamps on it. Make things worse, I left him a S+ rating and good words, didn't get jack all from him in return. Should I edit my rating and words down?

Positive ratings are quite obvious, but at what point and under what circumstances do YOU, the reader, use the neutral and negative rating parts. I have read more posts regarding deals gone bad on here that I don't want to stir old crap up, but am looking for thresholds really, the borders so to speak. I'm not interested in Marty type deals gone bad because it seems at the extreme and an obvious S/B- rating, just wanting to know the circumstances of some minor issues dealt with on here.

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