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Unhappy Age Verification For Ottawa Area ?

Hello ASC

I joined asc about a month back. I been reading and reading all sections - heck ! I read few stickes four times because reading about airsoft is so much fun !!!!! [insert sarcasm]

I was introduced to this site by "tank" from Airsoft depot. He recommended me to get age verified which would allow me to look at all the big retailers and small retailers here in Canada. I contacted the rep in my area (Ottawa) only to be notified that he no longer plays and does the service. My next best option is to meet with someone in Petawawa .... which is 2 hours one way drive for me. I don't mind driving all the way to meet him - 4 hours well wasted but the timing isn't working out for me.

My question is - why are there not any ASC - AV in Ottawa area. Compared to Toronto - Ottawa is small but we still have a decent player base if you visit Ottawa valley airsoft.

In this day and age - is it required for someone to ID someone in person? We have Facetime / Skype. We have email address (official or work related) and other form of verification that can be used to verify who I am. For example :

If I did facetime or Skype with an AV - I can already scan a copy of my drivers license (or other government issued id) to the AV. I work for the federal government - I can also scan a copy of my pass and email that using my work email address which can be verified in GEDS.

I urge the AV moderators to make exceptions for the players interested to get AV'd but has to wait for the process to just work. We all come to the site - everywhere we read that its beneficial to be age verified but when we need it done - we are told its a free service done by volunteers on their time and we have to be patient and accommodating which I am sure we are. Its now 4 weeks and still waiting on a way to get AV'd.

AV Mods - Please please consider digital ID verification.
This is 2016 - Surely we have evolved from our old norm.

[Or please appoint a new AV in Ottawa area] - three stores in Ottawa that can perhaps offer the service. (Just a thought)

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