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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
lonex m90 spring, modify s100, should put you around 360. Lonex m100 on a stock vfc should be closer to 380-390.

Though if you want it done right you should probably take it to a good tech. There are different ways to achieve the correct fps depending on your approach. You could short stroke a metal rack piston and sector gear with your stock spring. You could install a new spring.
The VFC MOD VR16 uses a M120 Spring at stock. Is the Lonex M100 the same as another M120? I have no reason to think so but I want to make sure. I'm thinking an SHS M100 (Lonex isn't carried by GTA retailers).

Also, I'm very much into machinery and love tinkering with stuff; I'm DIYing it so I can learn on top.

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