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Originally Posted by iname
Like fantastixs said i am an idiot that is undesputable but in this case the only things that are in question is the price it was sold for and weither it was right yes i bought a damaged gun i tried it out once then left it alone till i brought it to sadistix i am bringings it back next sunday for a full overhaul and then getting this mess straitened out.
But back to the price he sold it to me for 200 and the real value of the gun plus mag is mabe 100 to 120 because it is abs and it is only 89.99 new and it came with one mag that is only 25 bux so new it is 115 with everything. this gun was a project gun and had multiple things wrong with it and he was trying to sell it for way more then it was worth. And when this deal was agreed to i was saying that i was going to think about it but he told me that i had already agreed and that he had taken down the poat so i always keep my word and go through with a deal no matter what and this matter was brought up not buy me but buy sadisix he is one of the wac leader and had a valid point. well didn't get alot in this post but that is the bulk of it it is not me knowing the problems it is not fantastix selling it to me it is the price difference sorry for us waisting your valuable web space and time

Iname everyone is pointing out you should really visit the canadian retailers link at the top of the site to get more info about current pricings in Canada.

anyway, you saw the gun, you fired the gun all the meanwhile no one was twisting your arm to make the purchase.

it looks like you need to do a bit more research about airsoft in general.

in the end, you were misinformed and you are now fighting with your friend. get over it. good friends are worth much more than 100 bucks....bite the bullet and move on. :nod:
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