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Sold is different than interested. I've told guys that I was interested and would like more information, then been told that the item was sold. My loss for waiting too long. But I've also had guys bitch me out because they held it for me and let others who offered cash go. Why is that my fault? If I said I'm interested, but don't follow through with a firm commitment, deposit or full payment then sell it to the guy with cash. But don't blame me.

Same goes for me selling. I let guys know that the first person at my door with cash buys the item. I've done that, when the guy said it was still available got in my car, drove through really bad weather with cash in hand to the guys house to get it. I'll let guys know if there is more than 1 interested party, but no I will not hold it for you. Been burned by that. Team mates are sometimes an exception, but not always.
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