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Originally Posted by Desmodus View Post
Go for the VFC VR16 series. They usually run 350 bucks... afaik that is VFC's cheapest offering. Otherwise, scower the classifieds, thats where I got an amazing deal on mine![/COLOR]
I got at shorter barrel VFC VR16 at Mach1Airsoft today. With it I got:
- Red Dot Sight + Protector
- Vertical Grip
- LiPo + Charger
- Sling strap
- Spare mag (total 2: mid-cap 140 rounds, no wind spring)
- Mag speed loader
- 5000 0.25g BBs
Total: $695

The gun itself was only $400. I know I probably went overboard (fanned out looking at all the guns and attachments) but I like the setup. The problem I have now is my gun Chronos at ~390fps so I need to have it modded to 3755fps for field use (Siege max 380fps).

I will probably order Prescription Goggles; the mask puts pressure on the frame of my glasses and it will probably snap them sooner or later.

My next stop is Army Issue; was real nice last time I was there (age verification) but I need more funds (~$100 remaining) RIP.

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