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- Glasses either fogging up or being covered in sweat, this stopped me from nailing at least 3 people.

You might want to look into thermal lenses/goggles. I personally cant use anything except JT spectra goggles because I'll fog everything else. Then again, Siege has terrible air circulation... its always hot as fuck there.

- Magazine - Spring Failure; I would like better mags that require less continuous winding if possible, if not it's fine.

Sounds like highcaps. Ditch the highcaps and look for good quality mid-cap mags.

- Vest + Stock stopping me from being able to use the Iron Sights properly.

Visit Jeroon, he'll hook you up.

Looking for a good, somewhat inexpensive VFC M4/HK416 series with a full RIS and sub 380fps (SA field limit) (or maybe an M14?) right now, if someone has recommendations for Toronto region, would be appreciated.

Go for the VFC VR16 series. They usually run 350 bucks... afaik that is VFC's cheapest offering. Otherwise, scower the classifieds, thats where I got an amazing deal on mine!
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