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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
money talks, I've always sold stuff on the basis of whoever gives me the money first will get the item. I've had guys sit on a decision for days and had to turn guys away who actually had money in hand and then they go off and buy from someone else. I will hold items a maximum of 1 day as a result. Either have the money ready or be prepared to lose the item.

conversely I've had people local to me promise to buy items and then never be concrete on a pickup day and eventually never return a message. All the more reason to ship it to the first guy that has money in hand.

Oddly enough this has only ever happened to me with airsofters. Everything else I sell used I always get buyers with cash in hand and they show up and leave with it that day.
My policy is to entertain buyers in the order that they contacted me.

That being said transparency is important. If two guys contact you, one after the other on the same day, the first guy responds that he's "interested", and the second guy says he's "interested and heading your way right now with cash" you should still give courtesy to the first guy, let him know another buyer after him has made a cash offer; and give the first guy a timeline by which you would like a response, one day is good. Also let the second guy know that he is indeed the second guy, and that you are waiting on the response of the first guy and will get back to him by the end of the day... Or whatever your timeline is.

Sometimes etiquette on the sellers end means being patient, even if you have to lose the sale.

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