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Update: Finally had the chance to go to Siege Airsoft yesterday. All I have to say is that was so much fun; definitely continuing to play; one cheeky bastard decided to slide sideways on the floor and put 30 rounds into me :P.

Issues I ran into:
- Glasses either fogging up or being covered in sweat, this stopped me from nailing at least 3 people.
- Magazine - Spring Failure; I would like better mags that require less continuous winding if possible, if not it's fine.
- Vest + Stock stopping me from being able to use the Iron Sights properly.
- Half-Trigger Lock: , I need to train myself better.

One person there recommended I get custom Smith Optics goggles with prescription lenses; right now I am looking at these (he recommended the tan ones). Can someone recommend a good mouth mesh (saw people at Siege wearing them)?

So, time to go shopping.

Update2: Looking for a good, somewhat inexpensive VFC M4/HK416 series with a full RIS and sub 380fps (SA field limit) (or maybe an M14?) right now, if someone has recommendations for Toronto region, would be appreciated.

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