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Originally Posted by cetane View Post

I've ended up leaving many 1 sided feedbacks.

I don't care so much anymore, but I have been burned by every used aeg/gbb I have purchased (except 1 G&G max cqbs) being non functional, plastic body that was suppose to be metal, broken/cracked bodies & gb shells... instead of leaving neg feedback, it was either neutral or none. I'm done being mr nice guy

I'm only buying boneyard shit now for pennies on the dollar
So basically buying the same crap as before, but this is identified as a bone yard.
On another note, should a potential buyer lose interest, it would be polite to at the very least send a quick message to the seller.

Most people are reasonable and understand that it's a buyer's market. Worst is sending payment details and hearing nothing because the buyer flaked.
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