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As others have said I WOULD HIGHLY recommend trying out a few guns at the local field or shop and find what style you like. You could find that the M4 Doesn't fit you well but you could love the fit of the M16, AK, MP5, M14, AUG etc.

Best of luck!
Do you know which retailers in the GTA allow trying out different guns or which fields offer a variety of tryout options?

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A battle belt is great, I use both chest rigs and belts, sometimes even together, but as a starter, battle belts can get expensive fast. A good chest rig will have many pouches built in, so you don't have to pay for much except specialty pouches like radio pouches. A battle belt comes empty, so you need to buy many pouches, maybe a harness if its your style, most of the time it also requires an inner belt that is a few points bigger than your size, etc. The total price can go up real quick.

With that said, battle belts are great, just not that cheap to start with unless you get a great deal used.
I will look into which is cheaper, I like the modability. For perspective, I'm a PC/IT enthusiast. I'm used to spending multiple hundreds of dollars on stuff XD and I've been trying to translate my 'learning curve' experience over to airsoft buying.

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