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As long as it's Canada compliant it's fine:

Brought over a GHK 74U from Evike, and a 105 from Airsplat.

The Evike order took 2-3 weeks in customs, and was inspected; the 105 from Airsplat took few hours in customs and was released.

74U, I paid about $100 with the duty and taxes, granted the order was over 500 USD, saved about 1 mag worth after everything was settled ($70 CAD saved)

105 I paid around $60 in taxes/duty, ended up costing me 500 CAD landed, when the MSRP for those rifles here, are over 650+taxes+shipping.

It's cheaper to order from the states then Canada, even at our shitty currency rate.


I tried before to reduce value with Evike, they said no.. KWAUSA however, will for parts

Anyways for 352 USD, i'd rekon you'd be around the $50-60 CAD mark aswell.

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