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Originally Posted by SuperCriollo View Post
Best bet it to try out some guns, and gear before spending money. The best way to do so is going to a game ! I was considering taking a friend to Siege or this Saturday, so you could use some of my equipment and try some of my guns in exchange for a ride since we both live in Brampton :P Cheers !
I work on Saturdays so I can't sorry. I am open for Sunday though!

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Get any good brand rifle you think you might like with NO regard what so ever for barrel length.
A pistol is just as accurate as a full length SR25[...]

If you want to do long games, get some good lightweight boots, a good radio, and a 3L hydro bladder (camelbak or source)
Noted. Nice idea with the hydro bladder; I am planning to walk with some refillable bottles since that might strain my budget for now.

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
order of priority of items needed to play:

safety (eyewear, boots)
extra mags and batteries
gear to hold extra mags
water carrier

You can insert camo and dress up items in there at any point, but they aren't necessities to get playing.

skirmish games are great to figure out what you want and what you need, you may prefer milsim styled organized games, but you can play heavily tactic influenced styles provided you have the right crew that plays with you, that way you get your shit straight when you go to the bigger milsims. It sucks to show up at a milsim under or overequipped or with the wrong setup, especially if it'a longer game. A casual day game is a great testing ground for how you want to play and what to bring.

800$ might be a bit tight to jump into milsim if you want decent gear, which is why I suggest playing it smart and seeing what you need as you play and gain experience. Definitely start with a nicer rifle though if you can afford it from the start. VFCs are nicer not just because they look nice on the outside, they take upgrades and off the shelf parts very well when things go wrong. Lesser guns may not.
Yeah, I don't plan on buying all my gear at once. Right now my focus is on a gun, safety equipment, batteries/mags and one set of durable clothing (nothing fancy) that won't rip or wear easily. Your order seems nice but I'd probably opt for a basic vest (w/ velcro straps) with mag pouches before I get more than a couple of spare mags.

I'll am planning to play casual for a while (you do this in ANY game) so I can learn the ins and outs. I just listed milsim because I wanted to state the direction I want to head in; gear is expensive and I would rather not waste too much money (I will waste some while I learn but that is to be expected).

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