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New to airsoft: Need assistance

Hi all,

First off, my account is a little old only because I was interested in airsoft before but lacked the funds and life happened (my account name makes me cringe, save me admin).

I have finally saved up about $800 and want to get started. I've read most of the sticky threads including the one about what to consider when buying your equipment.

What I am looking for in this thread is either tips not already mentioned or specific recommendable guns or gear/sets of gear. I understand that I must verify myself whether or not any recommended gear will fit my liking, situation and person.

The problem is since I lack any meaningful experience, I have no way of judging which specific guns I should consider. I know my general play style and what I am kind of 'aiming for' (listed below) but as I said I don't know what products are of 'quality' in specific outside of the general brands (TM, VFC, etc.).

Notable points of interest in airsoft play style:
- I've always loved military simulation play of airsoft.
- I much prefer outdoor, nature arenas (forest, bush, etc) over urban and indoor arenas.
- I don't like 'speedball' style; I much prefer taking my time and planning my attack.
- I prefer stealth and ambush/guerilla style over 'brute force tactics' so to speak. The exception is raiding storming (a building, etc.).
- I prefer close to mid-range engagements, this is defined for me as 20m to 100m; my eyesight and leading will fail after that range generally.

Also, I've been dying to do those 'whole day' or nighttime airsoft games :smile:.

As for me:
I'm 232 lbs, 5'10". Average-to-large build. Locale is Brampton, Ontario. I am willing to drive about 1 hour give or take to any location.

My goal here is a good mid-range starter platform (think M4 or other AR) that is decent at stock but can be upgraded pretty easily (plentiful aftermarket) and a reliable sidearm for close combat.

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