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Accuracy is totally dependent on the quality of the hop up rubber and inner barrel.
Reliability is depend on the design and construction of the gun.

When picking out a side arm look for specific gun reviews instead of brands. TM makes a lot of great pistols but at the same time they have made some poor pistols as well....

My pistols in my collection shoot straight like an arrow... performs almost as well as my R-Hopped AEGs. The only difference is distance due to the lower FPS.

Most TM and TM clones have pretty much the same hop up rubber and barrels. Pretty much accuracy isn't going to differ much between all the different guns available.

However design of the gun is what really differentiates between a good performing gun to a reliable performing gun.

Also take into consideration after market support. All guns break and if you can't find replacement parts your pretty much screwed.

Anyways something to think about before dropping 300$ plus on a Side Arm
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