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Originally Posted by NAAZ View Post
incoming 3 packages from overseas and respective statuses:

1. VFC MP5K GBB- left HK and is en route to Canada as of 2016/09/02 19:59.
edit: At review at customs as of 2016/09/05 21:05.

2- EOTech Hybrid Sight- awaiting shipping and tracking info as of 09/02/2016.

3- Crusader KAC suppressor/Rifle case/MP5 rail mount- payment made within the hour, awaiting shipping and tracking info.
edit2: left TW as of 2016/09/07 09:35.

hopefully I won't get dicked by customs. I'm most worried about the 3rd shipment since suppressors are hit and miss (I even requested to remove foam insert from it to minimize risk of seizure). for the gun itself, it shoots above 366 FPS so it shouldn't be a problem.

total damage: about $1050.

Yeah man you can't import that stuff dude

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