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Originally Posted by WildBill357 View Post
should i throw it with the spoon or just keep the spoon with the pin? i dont know if im doin this right, just got it today and i think every time i have done something else wrong with it...
watched loads of tutorials but cant seem to get it to spin and releas more than 50 BBs maybe
Personally I only throw the nade. One less thing to lose/break. I pull the pin, gently shake the spoon free to fall to my feet, throw the nade, and if I am not under fire, pocket the pin and spoon in my lobster pouch, and get back to the game.

As for the people asking if it hurts... It doesn't. But you know you were hit. And that is really the point. No more "You were 5 feet away! Your dead!" shouting matches. Although that comes and goes with your airsoft crowd.

All that said, it is very rarely that I get an opportunity for a nade kill outdoors, usually just someone pinned that I can't flank, so I throw it and miss anyways. Indoors it is a lot better, but you kinda have to seek out opportunities due to the faster pace nature of indoor games. More often then not, have someone watch your back as it is all too easy to get shot while fiddling with the nade.

My favourite story is with an impact tornado. Zombie game where I was one of the last ones left. Could only walk due to getting "hit" once already by a zombie and was surrounded. Last second I threw it at my feet and took everyone out. The only good way to go out in a zombie apocalypse
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