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Originally Posted by Sputmilk View Post
If you sell after a bump then it isn't a problem. It's like people don't read the rules of the section though. Lots of "SOLD" bumps and multiple threads for similar items from the same seller lately.

Guess it isn't a huge deal, though. I'm just salty because my sale threads get buried.
People definitly don't read the rules, because then they would know not to remove the price or details from your thread once it sells.

Countless people, including some who appear to have been around for years, have the bad habit of replacing their price with banana, or even their entire post once it's sold. The rules are pretty clear:

3)*Do not replace prices with "SPF" or "SOLD" when an item is sold. Instead, put “SOLD” or “TRADED” next to the price and add the word "BANANA" to your original post. Do not delete or edit out the content of sold listings

*Busy signing for his packages*
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