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Battery for my KWA KR12

I bought a used KWA KR12 off the forums here. Very happy with the purchase except for that the seller gave me an 11.1 lipo 20C.

After two games the battery got bloated and I was told I need a new battery. They tested the battery and told me it was at 58 68 68.

My gun is shooting 330FPS with .20 gram bbs.

is an 11.1 too much? should I go with a 7.4? I am a noob and although will buy a battery checker that beeps I am pretty noob with knowing when to stop firing?

What battery brand is good to get and should I go with a 7.4v or 11.1v lipo.

keep in mind it is hard to fit in the stock and the current battery is 3 seperate that I stuff into the stock.

Thanks for your help.
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