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Call the CBSA, explain your situation and the letter and ask for clarification. Be cooperative and polite and reiterate that it's just a body kit that'll only fit on an airsoft gun. This is my recommendation anyways. Usually they expect a letter explaining yourself.
Alright, I gave them a call using the number on the form. I got an automated response saying that if I received a notice of detention it is going to be reviewed for entry into Canada.

So this is just a letter letting me know that it's going to be reviewed. If they aren't going to let it in, they send me another letter that outlines 3 options I can take from there. They don't mention what the options are in the message. So I guess I'll be doing some more waiting. I wasn't sure if I should take action now, but the message said to just wait.

Thanks for the response!

I'll update this down the line. They say it could take 4 to 6 weeks before they decide. They seem to know it's for airsoft so I am hoping the officer assigned to my case knows it's basically just a toy.
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