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Get in touch with the other retailers in the GTA. Toronto police and York Police won't prioritize the fraud if it's under $5000 thanks to the court system.

If you have the credit card number, call the financial institution's customer service line and ask for either the visa card risk department and inform them that these credit cards were used in a scam.

The Financial Institution will already have a record of the lost credit cards but when you report it to them with a police report on hand their corporate security department will step in and work with police to track them down.

This is where it gets tricky.

IF you want to get your money back, you need to get proof from the police that the scumbag did the transactions online. Then present this evidence at small claims court to be possibly get your money back. Police will not reimburse you for your money so speak with your FI and financial advisors about what they can do to ameliorate this loss.

Fraud is often called theft with a smile so if I'm right, this guy probably is unemployed and does this for a living. It's a credit card so the fraudster has no money and if you try to sue him he will have no way of paying you guys back.

Hopefully I am wrong, if not, I am very sorry...
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