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Recommended locations/stores?

Hey everyone, first time poster here!

First off, apologies if this thread may appear stupid or self-explanatory, I've only been playing the sport casually on/off for about a year so I'm still relatively new to this.

I've recently just moved into Toronto so I'm a tad out of touch on the community here. I'd just like to know if anyone here might have any recommendations on fields in the area? It'd be awesome if some of you might be able to share your own experiences on some fields too so I might be able to get a better feel of it. For the most part I'm just looking to play casual skirmishes and the like so nothing too big or serious. Any fields in the area that accommodate to walk-in games and such or am I going to have to register/sign-up beforehand? If so, how's the turn-out for these usually? Also any recommended retailers for additional parts or guns? I've only really heard talk of Airsoft Depot and Toronto Airsoft but don't really know much about either store aside from location and name.

Thanks a bunch for any insight you guys might be able to give! Again, sorry if this comes off as ignorant!
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