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Once the flashlight is on, it basically nullifies any advantage of NODs. But the principle advantage is being able to see your target before they see you.
But just because you can see your target, doesn't always mean you can hit it either! The armbands don't help, since they're basically the same slightly off-green color at night. So you have no choice but to give yourself away trying to IFF your targets.
The 2nd night attacking the southwest part of the field was a gongshow. Only 3 of us actually had NVG in that whole assault force, and we were the last ones to get shot. We were also probably the only 3 getting more than one kill, too. If you remember any of your guys standing near a tree, then all of a sudden getting hit, that was me under that stupid crunchy willow tree =) Don't think the other two guys with NV got a kill till we moved further past the willow tree.
There was 4 of us left 3 under the willow tree with NV, and one guy without just on the north side of it. I ran out of people to shoot at from the willow tree, so we started moving into the field down by the road, and I had made a dash across the moonlit field to get behind the next big tree when I got shot. But it's not RED that shot me, it was the last guy that was part of the original assault who didn't have NV. He started out on the north side of the willow tree and moved parallel to us, but I guess he forgot who the good guys were! Worst part is we had told him where we were moving to, I ran out, you guys spotted me and started shooting at me, but he ended up getting me. I think he got one more of our guys before we had to FF him. Then it was about 4-6 guys that knew how to use flashlight versus 2 guys with NV in the open, turned into a turkeyshoot for you guys, but I think Ben managed to get 3 more kills before he got shot. We certainly didn't go down without a fight at least.... XD
But it's REALLY refreshing to go up against people who know how to use flashlights. It's great having a challenge so we can actually learn stuff!
Again, really wish people around here would even want to learn how to counter NV with flashlights. I wanted to run a course but I guess most people would rather just bitch about people using NV than actually learn how to even the odds lol

I saw that guy on blue using the big thermal camera. It was a neat toy but holy crap it was huge and BRIGHT.

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