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Originally Posted by pinchio View Post
I am curious... So please don't take this the wrong way.

Why do you ask to meet someone in person to be age verified? I wonder what the liability is if something were to go south during an impromptu meeting. I would imagine the adminstrators of this site would bars some responsibility.

I am in Ottawa and I am still waiting for a response to get verified.

Just curious that's all. I have never seen this type of verification for a sport before.
How can we NOT take it the wrong way when you think meeting someone for a quick age verification can go south? What do you mean?

It's the same as meeting up for a kijiji sale or buying alcohol from a retailer. We have a product to offer that you're interested. Said product is regulated by law. This is a law abiding site that self regulates and decided to follow it by imposing guidelines for meeting regulations. You must be 18+ to buy simple as that. Asc is a product that allows you to BST and follow the law to the best of its ability AND provide accountability.

Worst that could happen is you get scammed and we call the police with the documentation on hand to follow through with an investigation. They do not have this implemented on Red flag deals or kijiji.

It is very simple. It is difficult to implement but it is done properly and successfully on these forums afaik.
Originally Posted by Danke
No, you're going to stop and find someone near you in this subform.

Then you will pay that person to fix it for you.

Then you're not going to let your friends play with anything unless it's made by Fisher Price.
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