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I never liked FPS limits over 450-500....however yesterday i had BB go halfway into my inner-elbow vien from a dan wesson at about 4 ft out....i dont blame the shooter or the rules...i came around a corner and got lit up at close range, my bad...if i want to blame someone other then me for that i dont think i should be playing with these toy guns...i also only play outside and really cant use .2s for their inaccuracy, so i like high fps....not to ignore the safety aspect, i tell ppl to wear long sleave underarmor like shirts that way it still hurt...sorry, but if it doesnt hurt i dont really wanna play, maybe that makes me a sick and twisted individual but its how i feel about the hobby. having to pinch the bb halfway out my vien and back through a few layers of skin didnt really chang my opinion on fps... it just means that glasses maynot be enough for me anymore, and masks could become mandatory at my events (on my private property) that allow 450-500 for a max limit....
And i love the kwc uzi...regardless of the kwc part its worth the $200, and if you have spare mags its great, i have had friends say theyd take a decent GBBP over it in any game, so SMGs are definately a personal preference

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