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even if i had done more research....i'd just reach the point of buy or beware...and now i no not to shop there...they have some good deals but they also have products that never work at all...i think i just got unlucky because 4 weeks ago the mags they sent were fine....

1.) WHY KWC? KWC was cheap/sale ($200 new & including taxes & S&H) but now i know and knowing is half the battle the other half is financing the better brand... a Tokyo Marui MP7 would be cooler i know
2.) Do all Co2 mags leak easily? or is it a KWC thing? i also have 3 desert eagles, goin on almost 3 yrs w/o issues (one TM that was over $300 & 2 from KWC that were under $300 together on sale). The TM one looks cooler cause of the chrome but they all function about the same and since i have 6 spare mags (2x Co2 and 4x greengas) for the KWC i use those 2 more often then the TM (although i have been told that the TM deagle is not the best example of how great, solid/reliable the GBBPs from TM can be.) At any rate, what kind of maintenance should i be doing constantly? Is this like maintaining the valve or cleaning the slide? Srry, i really do try not to ask dumb questions, but i dont always succeed, its tough for me...
3.) 3 out of 5 of my uzi mags clear the rounds with one co2 tank (or all but 5 BBs on fullAuto) and i know that is issue is that they just sent me 2 mags that leaked right from the get go...(how was i supposed to know they leaked b4 opening them?!)i didnt get any shots out of either but the supplier wont exchange them for 2 that work cause they are opened ....i dont care if they send me 2 new ones that are opened, i just want two mags that hold the co2, but since i opened them i cant exchange them....even though THEY NEVER WORKED TO BEGIN WITH, rrrrg.
4.) maybe i will try hate trying out new retailers....Canadian Airsoft retailers can be like a box of chocolates.
5.) i gotta buy a new car to get AV'd, or fly to vancouver...but im at the point where i dont think i will buy so much as another BB until i get AVd..
No doubt, KWC is not the best brand but in this case i blame the retailer...i dont want money back i just want to get 2 mags that work like the other 3 i bought from replica. and seeing as how i have dropped 2 grand in the last 8 weeks with these guys for OTHER PRODUCTS that do work (besides a g&g cm carbine that had a broken gearbox right out of the box, so i think they repackage used stuff) i guess i figured that they would throw me a bone to keep my business....but after they had me to do some paperwork they concluded that i am not entitled to an exchange or refund...
i was pretty pissed when i made the post, and yea you guys are right, its not really a scam, that comment was a bit much and your right, all i can do is find a new retailer and start from square one with them, probably torontoairsoft, you hit the nail on the head when you said to vote with my dollar......and i know everyone who reads this probably thinks im just fuckin clueless for not getting my date of birth confirmed but thats like a 3 day trip to a city with fuckin hotels n off the grid so thats kinda stressful for me (its a mission just to get internet) day i will though (it be sweet if there were a way to do it online with skype or something, BUT i understand why it is the way it is, i really do get it, and respect not thaaat dumb

@disco_dante: the mags were only 50 bucks a pop haha...but still since i cant return or exchange em..i wonder if there are any techniques i can use to fix em and also, to prevent it from happening to the other gas mags...cause this sucks haha right out of the package and im out $100.

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