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Looking for a high value BB

So I've been on the hunt for a good quality, but still affordable BB. The other qualifications are that its bio-degradable, and is reasonably available. Just to be clear upfront, i'm not looking for the most expensive top of the line BB, just an "average" ammo so to speak.

I've used elite force, and had good success with them, but they have been selling out from stores fairly quickly, making it a hassle to get, plus they don't go up to .30g which is the weight that works best with my gun. I've also tired Tamashi (aka ta-smashies) and had terrible luck with them, they jam up my midcaps, get stuck in the barrel and break in the barrel. I've also tired some BB bastards, and had the same problem with them jamming magazines and my barrel.

So what does everyone else use for .30g BBs? and where do you buy them from?
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