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Dispute with a fellow airsoft player.

About a month and some odd days ago, I sold my pistol to Iname. I was going up to college and I needed the cash, and I figured since I would not be playing until next spring anyway, that I should just liquidate my collection, and possibly rebuy when I need too.

So it is a month later, and now he is complaining that I ripped him off. He wants his money back, and wants to have me blacklisted. I feel that it is important to point out that Iname is an idiot. He is my friend, and I usually am not this blunt, but the situation is getting far out of control. Multiple times in the past he has bought either Canadian tire POS guns, or UHC gas guns. Even though he has been playing since the beginning of this spring, he has little knowlege of airsoft maintenince, or the ability to judge quality equiptment.

Now to the point of this thread. A month ago I sold him a KJW M9 with a plastic slide. I have had this gun for a year, and I'll be the first one to admit, it is not in the greatest condition.
Now Iname had been looking at this gun for some time, and I figured if he wanted it, it was all his. So during a small skirmish between me and him, we negotiated the terms of the deal, and he test fired the gun, and learned what was wrong with it.
**It will be noted here, he was fully aware of the condition of the gun when he bought it, and I didnt leave out any details**

So now it is a month later, and now Iname is complaining I sold him a shit gun. He brought it to a gun doctor- Sadiztix, and was told the gun would take $100+ to fix. He doesnt want to pay this, and wants his money back. (he actually has only paid me for slightly less then half the cost. he was short on cash, and since I was moving, i didnt mind taking an IOU).

Now he is threatening to try to have me blacklisted for selling him a gun that didnt work, on the basis that I took advantage of him because he didnt know better.

sorry for the length of the post, I needed to get all the details out before the flame war started. What are your opinions? Am I to blame for this?
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