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Originally Posted by Desmodus View Post
So.... looks like Canada Post either lost my package, delivered it to the wrong fucking place somehow or someone stole my mail (highly doubt it).

Delivery was "completed" on the 26th, its now the 29th and my SSO Spectre suit is still somewhere OTHER than my house, sender even got delivery confirmation!

The sender opened an investigation ticket... which apparently takes CP 5 business days to go through and I'm on vacation next week. What the fuck Canada Post.
Better to talk to them sooner than later. Ask the seller to launch an inquiry into the location of the package. Go to wherever your nearest distribution centre is if you can and tell them the package said delivered but it wasn't. They should at least be able to talk to the driver for you. Don't bother calling CP customer service, they can't do anything with international sellers, and will basically tell you to talk to your seller.

My one experience with CP "loosing" a package ended up with me getting a refund on eBay because I had to do all the legwork myself and the seller would not cooperate... Foreign eBay seller. Canada Post reviewed the GPS tracking, basically told me it was indeed delivered, buy since the post man effectively left it on my front step out in the open, it was most likely stolen. Hard to believe in my neighbourhood... Seller swore up and down the package required a signature. Which ultimately allowed me to win my eBay dispute since their was no signature on record when it was delivered.

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