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Honestly, every single person who has bought the HFC M9 new has loved it. I've seen 8 different reviews on it, and almost no negative comments (Only one, on the trademarks). The lowest mark was 7 given by someone who ONLY ever used WA pistols, and the rest were almost all perfect (No complaints, everyone loved it, except the markings on the side were kind of unconvincing. It's for shooting, though, so this is excusable).

Due to these reviews, and asking around for a while, everyone who had the HFC M9 (or "M190 Special Forces") loved it to death. They even pursuaded me to buy one (Which is on its way right now!).

Besides, it's fully interchangable with Marui mags and parts for the Marui M9, and (this version) is fully metal. The internals are the same, and so is the performance. I'd recommend it, and so would a lot of people.

Avtomat, what shitty things did you hear about it? I'd like to know, it gets here fairly soon...
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