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Originally Posted by Red Dot View Post
Not to defend this store but working in one myself sometimes items are priced higher or lower than what we have marked physically on the package. With how fluid commerce is these days goods can fluctuate pretty fast, to keep tagging physical inventory would be a nightmare in most cases so that's why it's sometimes different from what it says. To me that's not false advertising.

False advertising is an ad or other communications means saying one thing to bring you in and then having a different price in person or once you are trying to place an order. That's a deceitful practice that I would never condone.
I totally understand your point. That being said, every store has to do it, whatever inventory system they want to use is up to them, but from the moment an item is shown as XX.XX$, it can't be charged as YY.YY$ without a procedure (10$ off). The scanning code on the item has to match the scanning code on the shelf though, in order to prevent customers changing items from shelf to other shelf.

On the case of the website, I really don't know how it works, but from a logical point of view, their isn't any physical variable that could influence... The item is shown as 200$, you will have to honor it at 200$, because it is the store fault and only his its fault. Unless he changes the price before anyone has checked out with it. (I guess)
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