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thanks for all the input including the friendly, educational debate on barrel brands. I liked the idea of getting the 6.05 if it is going to make a noticeable improvement (id rather buy a barrel for 150 that adds 40-50 ft of range then spend 80 and wonder if it has even put another 25 feet to my rounds).
i should probably start thinkin of a new AEG to put these investments i am thinking it my be best to pick the gun out with the new hop up as the compatibility may be more trickier then that of the new barrels which seem pretty universal from the video's i've watched on guys upgrading their G&Gs. However i dont want to do this to the Raiders i own (yet), I want to get a new AEG for this project with a well known name for add-ons like TM or VFC...starting looking at hop up tutorials now, i would think that hop up rubbers would be more gun specific than barrels..?

Current collection....i want one really hot decked out Primary to top those shitty field guns of mine.....
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