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Originally Posted by daishi View Post
EDGi barrels are thicker and heavier reducing vibrations, if you get any dirt or scratches inside the bore you can actually polish them out unlike a PDI, and once the barrel is installed into the gun... not sure how you would manage to bend it.

But to each his own, the EDGi vrs PDI debate is long and endless. Just go with whichever one fits your budget.
Ummm... PDI is cold-forged steel... You're shooting plastic BBs through it... How are you going to get scratches inside? Besides, even if on the off-chance you somehow manage to do so, you can just hand-lap the scratches out. It'll open your inner diameter a touch, but that'll get scratches out of your barrel. If I remember correctly, HS5 mentioned hand-lapping all the barrels anyways to get rid of any slight factory defects, but that may just be my terrible memory...

Even if your claim that the EDGi's are thicker and heavier are true, that still may not mean they reduce vibrations more than PDI's or other barrels. It depends on the natural frequency of the barrel, and steel is a stiffer material than brass. Honestly though, I don't see the possibility of a slight variation in vibration affecting all that much...

Granted, I do think that EDGI's tolerances are SLIGHTLY better than PDI's, but not enough to offset the cost and material difference.

Originally Posted by Drakker View Post
Also, depending on the brand of your gun, sometimes changing only the hop-up rubber is enough to get great accuracy. Upgrading the barrel too is preferable and will normally result in better accuracy, but a great barrel is very expensive, which means you might not get that much more accuracy for your dollars.
Very true. I rather liked how my stock VFC barrel group shot before I overhauled the whole gun and got one of pesto's barrel groups.
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