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are only some select brands like TM customizable with these type parts? I guess i will want an AEG that i can upgrade in other ways too, but when i first get it i plan on buying the replacement barrel, and i guess hop up for it at the same time.

i wonder why companies dont sell guns already modified to this performance...there must be a reason, they could be make fortunes off lazy people like me, haha, im not really that lazy....its just that all my guns work, for year(s) now, and for the most part they all work just as well as they did when they were brand new, but have rarely had to open them up to for jams or cleanings....but i also dont have a Hi-performance primary that functions the way so many other players speak about theirs, and since ive never even seen a gun actually fire an airsoft round the full length of a football field i reallly want to..

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