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So apparently being direct and honest is to harsh for the OP, after a week of him trying to troll me via pms and ignoring a "do not message me anymore", he's earned himself a 1 week vacation.

Kidlets, just because you are old enough to vote and shave does not mean that everyone who disagrees with you, or gives you straight up honest and direct responses is out to troll or belittle you. But act like an entitled brat and continue to bitch/whine/try to argue your side and put down the admins/forums you will eventually earn yourself a vacation either temp or perm from these pages. There is thousands upon thousands of other members who get this and continue to enjoy these forums daily.

And as most will usually see and tell you, I am one of the admins who do actually work with people to help solve issues. So sending me pms telling me that I am a shit admin, will get you removed.
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