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...was only $158 Cad after taxes & Shipping im assuming it comes with the 6 shells & speed loader thing, the vendor was pretty vague but was clear that its unopened and new...
@Sputmilk: i just had it shipped the other day so dont actually have it in my possession yet, haha, sry shoulda made that clear...kinda why im lookin for ppl with hands on time with these dan wessons who might be able to to tell me things such as best ammo to use and whatnot..but i assume it comes with a manual...first ASG product, but all the G&G, KJW, HFC, Umarex and KWC guns i have came with diagrams showing the layout of the gun....i know that many people put alot of value in the brand name, and i've heard mostly good things about asg in general, but in my ten years of on-and--off airsoft consumerism the KJW, HFC, & Umarex have been the only brand to shit the bed on me. Although the Umarex was very low end product for them; i thinkthe HFC gun broke after some one intentionally took a piece out; KJW sniper rifle mk2 carbine i believe had issues with the semi-auto out of the box; but the G&G AEGs and KWC GBBPs are still goin strong for me and my buddies for over a year now w/o any upgrades or repairs just basic maintenance and cleaning, maybe we baby them.

one day i will go all out and get a customized aeg from TM...and itll probably be the first used gun i buy...i dont think i would buy a KWC or even G&G used unless i really new the history of it

@mike: you live down the street from me, quit replying to my questions, you know i cant take you seriously on the internet...
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