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mike, that HK416 is perfect for us to learn with, even when it was working it sucked...i got it working btw...still a POS next to the G&G cm16 tho..I charged the 8.4v that came with it and while i had the 9.6 or whatever in it eventually it fired like 100 rounds out and now it works but its so shitty next to the raider and every other gun we own between us...i think id raither have the dan wesson in a skirmish against you cause i hate fuckin with the wheel on that mag, id rather fire 6 time and know i have to reload then deal with the inconsistency of that thing...and it looks like a toy and feels like a toy. you know i dont want to injure anyone, but i still want to hurt my opponent a little bit if i hit ya and that clear plastic riffle only fires .2s 100-120ft and doesnt hurt at all at ten feet...great for kids if they have parents who might not want them using realistic guns..
I think Mike wants an AEG that will accuratley send a .3g BB through a pop can consistently from 80 (actual) yards out, straight out of the box without having to make upgrades or put mods on it...

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