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Dollars-to-doughnuts, it's Cyma. Or I should say, Cyma after it's been gutted, cleaned, and rebuilt.

A more expensive gun will be worth it if you love MP5s so much that you want all the details to be "right", but if you just want an airsoft gun that functions as an MP5, it's really hard to argue with the price tag on a Cyma.

I'm on year six with mine, rebuilt it for mantenance twice, upgraded barrel and compression with spare parts, that's it. It's been gamed to hell and back indoors and outdoors, running an m100 spring on the stock motor. Retention tab on the trigger block failed, so I replaced the trigger harness. Still stock wiring.

This year when I rebuilt it it had developed body wobble, so I teflon taped every joint and body screw. Whoopee! I expect this thing will get another two good years before the gears die, maybe they won't die at all.

I should say that no matter what brand you get, going for a full stock model would be a good idea. Collapsible stocks are badass, but failure prone for a whole lotta reasons.

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