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beyond 200ft you are lobbing and hoping for some luck with wind or a bb that is properly centered with no flight balance issues. 200ft or 60m should be very doable with proper ammo and good setups. 300ft or 91m is difficult and lots of luck is involved with a lot of lob.

The more good upgrades with quality parts and hop with a good consistent bb with no weird flight characteristics still requires some degree of luck, your target has to not move, the wind can't gust, flight path must be clear and the bb must fly true. Even the highest quality bbs and best upgrades will still give you a fairly large cone of impact at 91m. Also naked eye shots or red dot assisted shots are hard. Unless you have perfect vision BBs start disappearing from the naked eye at 50-55m. So some magnification will help in locating the fall pattern of your shots. A decent scope will help. at 90m 4-6x is probably ideal.

I've made a lot of shots in the 70-80m range where I've gone back to measure exactly with spotting scope, tape/rope or satellite imagery to get an idea of what the general distances were. Being able to do that can help you get better at shooting if you know what your gun can do. If your gun is consistent and reliable, you can start to figure out what degree of lob you need or how much to the side you need to hold because of a breeze or just the way the bb will hook given how your hopup is lined up.

Keep in mind at these ranges you're not hoping to hit something the size of an apple. You're trying to hit something the size of a man, you don't necessarily care what you hit.
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