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Hop, barrel grouping, air seal, nozzle versus stability, high quality BBs, cycle versus tolerances, FPS versus BB weight.

GBBRs/GBBPs can be unstable and produce varying results based on temperature, gas flow, if it's their time of the month, etc. it can be controlled, but stock or low end gas platforms may produce low results.

In general, it's the spin and stability of your round that makes all the difference. Hop-ups should have a nice contact area, placing stable pressure on the round, with the right quality and hardness of rubber being used to make that contact. In general, the modern flat hop or R-hop is arguably the best choice.

From there, you'll want to use quality and reliable BBs, also selecting the heaviest weight your gun can shoot EFFECTIVELY! This is super important because of the BB struggles to go (make range/low, low speed), then you could be too heavy. Also, low end of even mediocre BBs may produce uneven or even terrible results. All that being said, if your gun can't deliver a 0.28g round effectively, then you have problems. That weight is the standard of modern times. BB Bastard, Elite Force, Green Devil, Bio Shot, are all solid brands to start with.

Next is your barrel group. Your barrel should be high quality and no tighter than 6.03 - 6.04mm, in fact I'd recommend one of those, or go wide-bore miracle or something, but not necessary. Stainless steel Prometheus are the high standard, or even PDI is good, but there are others depending on your platform. Barrel length can add a little jam, but you wanna make sure it's not much longer than necessary. Longer barrels will foul easier from dirt/dust and that extra length doesn't really help you. You also want to make sure you have a good seal between the nozzle and barrel grouping to ensure a consistent and stable BB flight.

(Note: make sure your magazines are feeding nicely, as that may also affect the process)

Next you can upgrade the nozzle (if necessary) to help deliver that stable and consistent shot. If by now you're not seeing a range and consistency improvement, something went wrong or your gun is super seriously under powered. Get it chrono'd and recheck all parts that have been modded/upgraded, etc. this assuming of course you've tried a few different weights of high quality BB to attain proper results.

If you find your gun is under powered, or you've gone as far as you can go, then power/velocity upgrades are the key. Start with your cylinder and work backwards through gears, motor, casing, battery, etc, to smooth out the cycling and a higher FPS MIGHT allow you to run heavier rounds, which might help with distance and stability. Round weights like 0.28g, 0.30g, 0.32g, etc, are all good if your gun shoots them efficiently. The heavier the round, the longer it may stay in flight, produce a stable spin and chop through brush and fight wind. This all heavily depends on your hop-up being crack by the way, so that's number one with a bullet always.

It is important to remember that some platforms just max out and that one isn't necessarily equal to the next in potential. Your primary's should be able to hit a man sized target consistently at 200 feet plus, with a flight past that mark. Setting your hop to lift and then fall at the right time is crucial as well and learn at what distance you gain the best effect. Basically trial and error.

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