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Originally Posted by mikebarkski View Post
i am wondering how people are managing to get such good range? I hear so many talk about guns that reach past 250 feet but i measured a co2 uzi, a pistol both with propane & co2 mags and a g&g aeg and they were all about the same 120 feet max befor veering this normal? i played with the hop ups with all three a little w/ little affect, at 50 feet they can all hit apples fine in one shot other than the uzi taking i pretty much have to put some kind of new gearbox or hop up on a gun to get it to reach 90+yard or 300 feet? i am outside with .2g bb..
A lot of us here (myself included) extensively upgrade our rifles and pistols. Many rifles are R-hopped and we're using quality barrels with quality heavyweight BBs. 250 feet is stretching it just a little for AEGs; there are those that can do it, but that's starting to be more of a maximum range rather than an effective range, which would be around 200 feet. Now, sniper rifles that have been properly tuned (and KJW KC-02s as well supposedly), should be able to reach out to 250 feet to 300 feet as their effective range.

Basically, we're starting with a good quality base gun, putting lots of time, money, and energy into squeezing the best performance out of it by using high quality parts that are installed properly, and tuning it so it shoots the way we expect.
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