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that echo one mini gun

I seen a vid of a guy with the echo one mini-gun...looked alot like the ones we see stickin out of the us military choppers that made fly low passes over our pot fields like 10 years back, when they cared). The thing was massive, but i was wondering if anyone here has had a chance to use it? the airsoft one......there is a a funny video of a fat kid shreading a melon with one & several vids of those badass scottish airsofters using them on youtube...and a guy named fullmag with tons of INSANE vids of the actual thing...and to be honest the real thing made me want the airsoft one way more, hahaha...

cant find it anywhere in canada, am i correct in assuming its not in Canada yet? has anyone used one? probably not worth the 4grand but if i could spend 2grand on a toy...that thing looks fun...i hear it comes in a wooden crate, like a real one, hahaha what an age we live in...but it seems like a gimmick for four digits next to the ASG M60E4/Mk43 for 800, which looks like it must be more reliable than the A&K m249..

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