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Originally Posted by airspatial View Post
As I mentioned to Red Dot, this was my first try at an airsoft shooting range. So my comments were not to
compare Swat Zone to others as I have not been to any other. It would be wrong for on my part to compare Swat-
Zone to any other place as I have not been to any other yet. This would be wrongly mislead others.
My feedback/ comments were genuinely based on what I felt trying this shooting range. As mentioned earlier,
they have secured shooting zones and separte chilling area for other group members to drink/ eat or play Jenga
until their turn comes. They also play music and the light in the chilling zone is colourful. I think they also
seemed to have fridges to store your beverages until consumption. What really liked about it is how safe it felt.
I can imagine families with kids can go there too. Please see link the lik we used.

To all members who are genuinely polite and socially respectful, my regards to you all. This is what makes forums
useful and informative. To all others lets start learning to be productive and informative rather than PESSIMISTIC.
It helps no one.
Thanks for clarification. I may go visit them in the next few days
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